Shaun Buffington from Plainfield, CT. Starts the 2011 NELCAR season with a wind at New Hampshire Motor Speedway. The NELCAR Legends have run 3 races at NHMS and Shaun has won 2 of them one on the road course last season and his win on the oval this past weekend. I guess 2 out of 3 ain’t bad!

Shaun was really happy with oval track this past weekend, “It was very good, we didn’t make any adjustments, just changing the line around the track was important but they should mark the turns so when the barriers get moved they get put back in the same spot every time.” The infield barriers in turn 1-2 and 3-4 and actually move stopping the cars without causing a lot damage to the vehicles and a softer impact for the drivers.

Though he led every lap in the heat race and every lap in the feature, passing the other cars wasn’t much of a problem. So I asked was it difficult to pass the other cars during practice? Buffington replied, “It was very tough to pass”. One driver that did a lot of passing was Evan Beaulieu who finished the race in 4th, “Passing was very difficult yesterday, nature of the beast you had to be aggressive and I think that’s why we had such ridiculous restarts because everyone was trying to get what they could.”

I asked Shaun which was his favorite the road or the oval course, “the road course, that’s what I grew up on.” Driving down the front stretch on the road course at NHMS, the Legends were running an estimated 110 to 120 mph. Then the drivers race half way down the back stretch the cars almost have stop and turn right and head up the hill on to a paper clip then come back onto the oval cutting across turns 3 and 4, back onto the front stretch.

There are 11 races this season at NHMS the next race for the legends at the “Magic (1/4) Mile”, is May 14th. So be sure to come and watch Shaun, and the rest of the Legends drivers as they make a little magic for the fans.

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